It pays to know your
Alder Grades: Superior

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Know what you’re paying for.
Grade comparisons of non-NWH product have indicated up to 20% off-grade lumber in SUP units. This off-grade lumber more than offsets the difference in cost.

What you won’t find in our packs:

We Downgrade These Defects into Lower Grades

Grade Integrity You Can Trust.

ON GRADE (Quality) - NWH proprietary grades were developed with your yield in mind to create the highest value.

We aim for 100% on grade product.

No lower grade boards blended into packs.
NWH has quarterly training with QC to maintain consistency.
Consistent moisture content across the pack (well-conditioned).
Our grade audits are consistently 96%+ accurate.

On Tally (Accuracy)

Our tight packs ensure accurate tallies, compared with industry standards.

NWH works hard to make sure you get everything you pay for.

Great Appearance (Your Confidence)

Flat boards that have been trimmed appropriately and with good widths.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the appearance.

NWH Superior Alder

Consistent Yield Across All Our Mills.
A “Five-Face Grade-Out” is an analysis of SUP product attitude. It divides NWH proprietary graded Superior lumber into 5 “sub-grades” by grading each face alone, without looking at the other side. This allows a comparison from mill to mill to ensure product consistency. It also predicts the yields customers may expect from the product by eliminating lower grades in the mix.

We conduct five-face grade-outs on 4/4 lumber every month.