For Designers

Design with Depth

Hardwoods captivate designers with their enduring beauty and varied grains, providing a canvas that imparts spaces with a natural elegance. They embody sustainability, allowing environments to be crafted that feed the soul while honoring the earth. This is the essence of design with depth, where each hardwood element enriches its space, not only seen but deeply felt, elevating hardwoods beyond mere function to become the heart of inspirational design.

For Architects

Build with Balance

In architecture, hardwoods stand as pillars of both structural integrity and aesthetic beauty, allowing architects to craft spaces that resonate with strength and elegance. These materials merge the demands of form, function, and sustainability, enabling the creation of buildings that endure in both stability and style. Hardwoods are chosen by architects for their timeless appeal and robust nature, underpinning designs that harmonize with the environment and the human experience.

Why Hardwoods?


Aesthetics and Authenticity.

The enduring allure of hardwoods lies in their honest and pure beauty, offering a tactile connection to nature that resonates with timeless elegance. Each piece tells a story of authenticity, bringing a sense of warmth and grounding to any space it inhabits. Embracing the unique character of hardwoods is to celebrate the art of nature’s design, designing spaces that speak to the soul with their natural, unadorned sophistication.

Speak to the soul with genuine and timeless appeal.

Cherish the planet and care for its people.


Sustainability and Wellness.

Opting for hardwoods aligns the art of design with the rhythms of nature, offering sustainable solutions that enhance both environmental health and personal well-being. These materials, sourced from conscientiously managed forests, support a healthy ecosystem while also ensuring that our indoor spaces are free from the volatile organic compounds commonly found in synthetic alternatives. The natural warmth and serenity of hardwoods contribute to a sense of wellness and calm, making them an ideal choice for creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also beneficial to mental and physical health.


It’s The Real Thing

In the thoughtful selection of materials, the choice of hardwoods over synthetic substitutes is not merely a preference but a conscientious act of environmental stewardship. Responsibly sourced hardwoods fuse skilled workmanship with the enduring resilience of nature, creating living spaces that radiate warmth and grow more characterful and robust as the years pass.

In stark contrast, the allure of synthetic substitutes, with their immediate cost-effectiveness and convenience, belies the hidden costs: the heavy environmental toll of their production, the finite resources they consume, and the enduring legacy of pollution, waste and potential health risks they leave behind. These materials, often reliant on petrochemicals, compromise air quality and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, while their shorter lifespan ushers in a cycle of waste and replacement, challenging our planet’s delicate ecological balance.

Make the
right choice,
choose hardwoods.

Consider Alder

Open a realm of creative possibilities.

Choosing Alder blends artistry with environmental care, offering designers the versatility to stain and shape spaces to meet any style. It’s a choice that pairs visual allure with the ethos of sustainability, turning every design into a celebration of both beauty and the earth’s well-being.

Alder’s fine grain and warm hues, easily stained for a luxurious finish, create inviting and cohesive looks for furniture and architectural details.


Alder shines in its adaptability for projects from luxurious to economical, satisfying the demands of high-end aesthetics at great value.


Alder champions sustainability, growing swiftly in disturbed soils to enhance ecosystem recovery and soil fertility, beneficially coexisting with softwood species.


Local Economy
Alder has boosted the local economy of the Pacific Northwest, transforming a once undervalued wood into a valuable asset that supports community development and prosperity.

It Starts Right Here


Alder, a gem from the Pacific Northwest, is lauded for its consistent texture and color, perfect for rustic and fine woodworking alike. Its color matures from white to light brown, offering a charmingly rustic character that enhances furniture and cabinetry. With a uniform grain that’s easy to work and finish, Alder is a cost-effective stand-in for pricier woods. Available in various grades, it meets a range of quality and budget needs while providing a stable, adaptable medium for creative projects.

Why Alder?

  • Smooth Grain: Fine, straight grain that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to work with.
  • Uniform Color: Matures to light brown with consistent color ideal for a uniform appearance.
  • Workability: Known for ease of cutting, shaping, and sanding.
    Staining: Accepts stains well for a range of finishes.
  • Softness: Offers durability while being softer than many hardwoods.
  • Versatility: Commonly used for cabinets, moldings, and paneling.
    Affordability: Cost-effective alternative to pricier woods.