Are We Running Out of Trees?

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Are we running out of trees? Absolutely not. This video, created by The Timber & Forestry Foundation and narrated by Criswell Davis, gives a brief history of U.S. Forest Resource Management and how we have vastly improved forestry practices over the past 100 years.

Criswell Davis says, “In the last one hundred years we have made remarkable strides in reclaiming forestland and in transforming the productive health of our forests through modern forestry practices. With the passing of each generation, our stewardship of softwood and hardwood timber resources improves significantly. Modern forest resource management practices and lumber manufacturing processes in the United States have become extraordinarily efficient.”

Watch the full video below.

NWH would like to honor the work of Criswell Davis and the influence he made on sustainable forest resource management. His knowledge and passion for hardwood lumber will certainly be missed.

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