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NWH Takes a Significant Step in Alder Restoration with Seedling Distribution

On March 16th, the NWH Longview, Washington facility buzzed with activity during the Alder Seedling Pick Up event. Participating landowners gathered to kickstart the regeneration of local ecosystems by picking up the 35,000 Alder seedlings. This event underscores both NWH and the Pacific Northwest’s community drive toward nurturing a richer, more diverse natural landscape.


Year One: A Resounding Success

The Alder Seedling Program by NWH has seen a year of growth, both literally and figuratively. The dedication of our partners and local landowners has led to 35,000 Alder seedlings being planted into the rich soils of our landscapes, an achievement that promises to enhance ecological balance and promote biodiversity in the region.

Nathan Jeppson, CEO of NWH, praised the commitment of the local community, stating, “The dedication and involvement of our local landowners in the Alder Seedling Program is a testament to our collective vision for a sustainable and biodiverse future. Together, we are sowing the seeds of change.”

Collaboration for Restoration ​​

The success of this initiative goes beyond numbers; it’s reflected in the voices of those who took part. One landowner remarked, “Receiving these Alder seedlings from NWH isn’t just about planting trees; it’s about planting hope for our environment. With NWH’s support, we’re not only creating diversity on our property but also fostering a community dedicated to nurturing nature.”

As the first year concludes, NWH is already looking forward to the next. Landowners who have yet to join the program and those interested in continuing their contribution to this ecological endeavor are encouraged to sign up for the mailing list to stay informed about the 2025 Alder Seedling Program.

Together, We Grow​ ​​

A sincere thank you to every landowner for your participation. It’s the collective efforts of individuals and the community that assure the legacy of the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty will continue to flourish for generations to come.

For updates and to be a part of next year’s greener future, sign up at

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