The Finishing Touches: Special Nameplates Elevate NWH Headquarters

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Alder Hardwood Nameplate - Frisco, TX

The Finishing Touches: Special Nameplates Elevate NWH Headquarters

At NWH, we believe that the best way to showcase our dedication to the beauty of natural hardwood is by incorporating it into every corner of our office. This is why we’re excited to unveil the newest addition to our Frisco, TX headquarters: Alder nameplates. But these aren’t just any nameplates; these unique pieces are the result of a collaborative project led by Richard S. Prisco, Professor of Industrial Design and his talented students from the Appalachian State Furniture Design Department.

As the leading hardwoods supplier, NWH wanted to add a personal touch to our offices that highlighted not only our commitment to quality hardwoods, but also our support for local artisans and students.

Each employee’s nameplate has been meticulously crafted from Alder, sustainably sourced from the Pacific Northwest. Each piece of wood was then laser-engraved with the NWH logo and the employee’s name, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood with a distinctive, personal touch. These pieces were then carefully finished to perfection, allowing the natural tones of the Alder to shine through.

But we didn’t stop at individual employee nameplates. Each meeting and conference room at NWH headquarters is now adorned with a hardwood species nameplate, with the wood corresponding to the name of the room. For example, our Walnut Board Room is graced with a nameplate made from premium North American Walnut. The Cherry meeting room is proudly decorated with a nameplate made from lush Cherry hardwood. It’s worth mentioning that the tables in these rooms are also crafted from the same wood as their respective rooms, adding an element of uniformity and elegance to our office space.

These special features don’t just enhance our workspace – they’re also a testament to our partnership with the Appalachian State Furniture Design program. This collaboration has allowed us to donate various hardwoods for design students to use in creating stunning pieces of furniture. Through this partnership, we hope to inspire and support the next generation of woodworkers and designers, unleashing the endless possibilities of hardwood.

Our new nameplates are a daily reminder of our commitment to sustainability, craftsmanship, and community. By collaborating with local artisans, supporting future designers, and infusing our space with the very materials we’re passionate about, we’re showcasing the values that make us NWH. We can’t wait to continue this exciting journey of blending beauty, function, and responsibility, one piece of hardwood at a time.

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