Established in 1967, NWH is the premier hardwoods supplier to North America, Europe and Asia. Driven to simplify the hardwoods customer experience, we serve manufacturers and distributors with over 14 domestic hardwood lumber species, a host of tropical hardwoods, plywood and pallet stock. With more than 40 manufacturing and warehousing facilities and innovative technologies to streamline the entire process, we deliver the quality, efficiency and excellence our customers deserve.

NWH proudly announces the acquisition of Post Hardwoods, a long-standing hardwood supplier and manufacturer based in Hamilton, Michigan.

CEO Nathan Jeppson discusses how, through continuous system refinement and customer-centric focus, NWH provides the finest natural hardwood lumber in the world.

Are we running out of trees? Absolutely not. Learn how we have vastly improved forestry practices over the past 100 years.

At NWH, we prioritize maximizing the sequestration potential of carbon through the use of hardwoods.

Hardwood lumber is an amazing resource, we strive to protect it in all we do.

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At NWH, our people come first. Our goal is to provide a supportive and inclusive work environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

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It’s Who We Are. Protecting and preserving the natural environment while delivering high-quality hardwoods to our customers. It’s why we come to work each day.

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At our core, NWH is a no-nonsense company in a no-nonsense business. We rely on on-time and on-grade quality. NWH has the most versatile recognition by various distributors, manufacturers and makers. We take great pride in being the only supplier sophisticated enough to meet the needs for variety, quality and smart logistics and thoughtful enough to make the process easy.

Photos courtesy of The Wood Database.