Virtual Tour Gives Glimpse into NWH Longview Lumber Mill

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Virtual Tour Gives Glimpse into NWH Longview Lumber Mill

We are happy to share an update from the heart of our operations. From October 16-18, our Longview, WA Lumber Mill played host to representatives from the Hardwood Manufacturers Association (HMA). With cameras in hand, they set out on a comprehensive exploration of our facility to bring its members a detailed virtual tour.

This tour promises to offer an insightful look into the transformative journey our logs undergo, moving from raw materials to finished boards ready for the market. Situated in the scenic Pacific Northwest, our Longview Lumber Mill is not just about machinery and wood. It’s a testament to NWH’s commitment to sustainable forestry practices and our continuous drive for innovation.

One of the highlights of the upcoming tour is a deep dive into our advanced automation and optimization technologies. These are the very tools and practices that solidify our position as a leader in sustainability and efficiency within the hardwood industry.

Jed Miller, General Manager of NWH’s Western Business Unit, shared his thoughts: “Opening our doors for this virtual tour has been both exciting and rewarding. We’re proud of our team’s dedication and the work we do here, and we’re eager for the industry to see it up close.”

Keep an eye out for the virtual tour’s premiere at the HMA Conference & Expo in 2024. We’re confident it’ll provide a fresh perspective on the world of hardwood manufacturing.

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