Wesley Bourland

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Wesley Bourland

Wes Bourland is the Chief Operating Officer at NWH, where he is responsible for steering 24 manufacturing facilities across the United States.  

Wes joined NWH in 2021, initially taking charge of all Manufacturing Operations, Continuous Improvement, Safety and Capital Investment; a role that paved the way for his current executive position. His expertise in Manufacturing and Engineering was enhanced over 14 years at Arcosa Inc., a company previously part of Trinity Industries Inc. There, Wes ascended through various key roles—from Facilities Engineering and Director of Quality & Engineering to Vice President of Operations and Business Unit Leader at Arcosa Wind Towers. 

In his role as Chief Operating Officer at NWH, Wes oversees the organization’s operations with a strategic focus on guiding NWH’s long-term planning and execution. His commitment to Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement is pivotal as he leverages his extensive multi-disciplinary experience to enhance processes and drive impactful outcomes throughout the organization. 

Wes holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and is a proud veteran of the US Navy, attributes that contribute to his robust leadership and strategic vision.