Unleashing the Potential of Hardwoods

Hardwoods are a multifaceted marvel of nature that intertwine with our lives in profound ways.

The story of hardwoods is one of beauty, health, community, and sustainability.

Hardwood Forest

Beyond their aesthetic that transforms spaces into stunning places, hardwoods also stand as catalysts of well-being, their natural textures offering solace and mental rejuvenation. In communities, they’re more than just trees but pillars of socio-economic growth, driving trades, bolstering economies and preserving legacies. Yet, their most important gift might be to the planet itself; as champions of sustainability, they thrive in responsible forests, capturing vast amounts of carbon dioxide and embodying an ethos of environmental stewardship.

The story of hardwoods is one of beauty, health, community, and sustainability, echoing nature’s boundless generosity.

At NWH, our mission is to unleash this potential.

We recognize the value of hardwoods and by harnessing this potential, we can create a future where hardwoods continue to enrich our lives and protect the planet. The importance of this mission lies in its holistic approach, ensuring that every piece of wood is not just processed but celebrated, understood, and revered for its awesome contributions.


Unleashing the Potential of Hardwoods for Our Health

Beyond just aesthetics, these natural elements have the potential to diminish stress, elevate our spirits, and rejuvenate our mental energy. We dig into the biophilic science and soul of how embracing nature-inspired designs and organic materials can be a catalyst for better health, tranquility, and joy.

Unleashing the Potential of Hardwoods for The Planet

“Forests are the lungs of the planet.” You’ve probably heard this because forests do yeoman’s work scrubbing C02 and other greenhouse gases from the air and pumping out oxygen. Stretching the “body” analogy a bit we could also say forests are the liver and kidneys, because they filter impurities from our water. Breaking entirely with this analogy we can also say they are nature’s self-restocking building supply superstores.

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Unleashing the Potential of Hardwoods for Amazing Spaces

Beautiful and strong; flexible and timeless; hardwoods offer endless possibilities for designers, architects and consumers.