Alder Pallets Take Better Care of Your Cargo

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Alder Pallet Benefits

Why Choose an Alder Pallet?

Durability: Alder wood has a higher durability quality than softwood, making Alder pallet stock more resistant to wear and tear, reducing costs over time by decreasing the need for frequent pallet repair or replacement.

Deflection: Alder has excellent strength when placed in racking that supports only the outside edge of a pallet (deflection), making them safer, more reliable and less prone to damage your cargo.

Consistency: Alder Pallets are manufactured specifically for use in pallets, not re-manufactured from downgraded lineal softwood boards, ensuring consistent quality and dimensions for automated handling systems.

Flexibility: Alder is particularly well-suited to applications on uneven surfaces, making it a safer choice for industry as failure can lead to load collapse.

Sustainability: Alder locks up more carbon for the lifetime of the pallet, making it a greener choice than softwood pallets. NWH utilizes third party certification organizations, ensuring that our Alder is sourced responsibly.

Cleanliness: New Alder Pallets manufactured by NWH’s customers have not been in other facilities or used by other industries, reducing the risk of contamination and damage to products. 


Choosing the right pallet stock is critical when it comes to ensuring the safe and reliable transportation of your products. While softwood pallets may seem like a cost-effective option, they can fall short in terms of durability, sustainability, and consistency. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to Alder pallets as a smarter, stronger, and a greener solution.







How long does your pallet last?



Alder is more durable than softwoods

Less repair and replacement

Do your pallets resist flexing with heavy loads?



Alder has excellent strength when placed in racking with only support on the edges.

Wider acceptance for manufactures that use racking systems for inventory.

Do your pallets work well in automated systems?



Alder Pallet stock is specifically manufactured to precise specifications.

Not using remanufactured down graded lineal boards makes for less jams.

Is your pallet strong enough to resist load collapse?



Alder Pallets precise sizing offers more stability and less chance of collapse.

Huge safety factor

Do your wood pallets resist the transfer of taste and smell?



New Alder Pallets offer the cleanest pallet option available.

Alder pallets are used heavily in food grade/agriculture industries

Want to sell pallets to the government?

Only if



NWH Alder Pallets can be third party certified by FSC and PEFC.

Expand your customer reach.

Are your pallets good for the environment?

Better than plastic



Carbon storage is higher in hardwoods than softwoods.

We all must take steps to lower our carbon footprint.

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