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Driven by Innovation

At NWH, a key value is excellence driven by innovation. CEO Nathan Jeppson discusses how, through continuous system refinement and customer-centric focus, NWH provides the finest natural hardwood lumber in the world. This relentless pursuit of quality, he says, is what sets NWH apart, ensuring that customers always receive unparalleled products and services.

Recently, NWH implemented a real-time manufacturing platform to gather and monitor facility floor data. With instant feedback on utilization, downtime, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), NWH is able to offer customers benefits from improved quality and delivery times to cost. 

Also, NWH received a 2023 grant from the USDA to study the use of a CT Log computed tomography scanner with Appalachian hardwoods. This technology reconstructs the internal features of logs, enabling them to be graded and sorted by quality. It allows for the real-time optimization of cutting solutions to maximize value for companies and customers.

In the face of a rapidly evolving market, NWH’s dedication to harnessing innovative technologies and commitment to excellence ensures it remains at the forefront, consistently delivering premium hardwood solutions that not only meet, but surpass, client expectations.

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