Pacific Logging Congress – Live In-Woods Show: Vail, WA

John Anderson and Bill Bush volunteered at the Pacific Logging Congress 2023 Live In-Woods Show in Vail, WA. The event occurs every four years and the last time it was in Washington State was 13 years ago. John and Bill spent a total of 17 hours touring groups of students around the event which highlights the industry through an interpretive trail and educational booths, including one from Oregon State University’s forestry program. 

The students witnessed active logging sites with different equipment. They also had an opportunity to operate a piece of equipment using a simulator. There were an estimated 2,000 students from 31 different schools that attended the first two days of the event. It’s also estimated that another 2,000+ from the general public visited each day.

For more information on the Pacific Logging Congress, including a video of this year’s Live In-Woods Show, please visit

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