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Over 50 years ago, NWH pioneered the use of Alder as a viable species because of its versatility and workability. From cabinets to millwork, Alder is a highly sought-after hardwood across the globe.

We're serious about sustainability.

North American Hardwoods are among the most plentiful and well-managed natural resources in the world. Hardwood forests naturally regenerate themselves and do not require planting. The preferred method of harvesting is single-tree selection. This provides a sustainable supply and ensures the overall health of the forest – including water quality, wildlife habitat, and biodiversity. As a result, the volume of hardwoods has more than doubled since 1950.

We have a team of over 40 professional foresters throughout the various growing regions who are knowledgeable and experienced in forest management best practices as well as sustainable forest management. This team is responsible for operating forest harvests in a way that promotes a continuous supply of high quality, desirable hardwood trees for the company’s sawmill, while maintaining and enhancing all the other benefits that healthy forests provide, such as clean water, clean air and recreation, both for today and for future generations.

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