NWH Announces Relocation of Their Headquarters to Frisco, TX

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NWH Announces Relocation of Their Headquarters to Frisco, TX

FRISCO, TX: November 4, 2021 – Northwest Hardwoods (“NWH” or the “Company”) has made the strategic decision to relocate the Company’s head office, currently in Tacoma, WA, to Frisco, TX. The creation of a centralized head office where functions are co-located will better position the Company for long-term success as they continue to serve as the industry leader. NWH’s CEO Nathan Jeppson stated «this is an important move for our company as we position for long term growth, and increasingly focus on delivering a world class customer experience.”

This relocation is focused on NWH’s corporate and functional teams, with commercial teams, resource and lumber buyers and all those who need to be in local markets across the globe unaffected. There will also be no impact on the Company’s manufacturing footprint. In the near term the Company’s offices in Beachwood, OH and Tacoma, WA will remain open.

Upon completion of the relocation in the coming months, NWH will have increased efficiencies and collaboration, which will improve the quality and service levels and enhance the communication and connectivity the market can expect from Northwest Hardwoods.

The Company is excited about this relocation and is looking forward to continuing to build a world-class organization in the Frisco area.

“We are thrilled to welcome Northwest Hardwoods to Frisco as a market leader in their industry,” said Jason Ford, president, Frisco Economic Development Corporation. “Frisco continues to be one of the top destinations in the nation for out-of-state corporate headquarters relocations because of Frisco’s pro-business culture and top tier lifestyle amenities.”


About NWH

NWH is the largest United States manufacturer of North American hardwood lumber based on sawmill capacity, with a current estimated annual hardwood lumber capacity of approximately 320 million board feet. Its North America operations include 19 facilities that produce over 20 species of domestic hardwoods. The Company serves more than 2,000 active customers across over 60 countries.


About the Frisco Economic Development Corporation

The Frisco EDC operates as a Texas non-profit corporation and is governed by a seven-member board of directors appointed by the Frisco, Texas City Council. Job number one is facilitating the creation of jobs, as the Frisco EDC’s mission is to improve the economic opportunities and quality of life for all Frisco residents. The Frisco EDC has facilitated major economic development projects, resulting in hundreds of projects and thousands of jobs in the City of Frisco. For more information, visit FriscoEDC.com.

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