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About Post Hardwoods

An NWH Company​

For almost a half-century in the heart of Michigan, Post Hardwoods has been a pillar of excellence in the hardwood industry. Acquired by NWH in August 2023, Post Hardwoods excels in identifying and cultivating quality logs and timber, continuously exploring innovative ways to enhance efficiency and maximize yield. With Post Hardwoods, you have access to an array of sought-after species from the Glacial wood basket including red oak, white oak, walnut, hard maple, and cherry.


Veneer Logs

We offer premium quality veneer logs, including both 3 side clear and 4 side clear options, in species such as walnut, red oak, white oak, hard maple, and cherry.


In addition to primary products, we offer quality by-products like sawdust, shredded bark, and wood chips, suitable for various commercial uses.

Hardwood Lumber

Our hardwood lumber selection features the finest Michigan-grown wood, including red oak, walnut, hard maple, soft maple, cherry, basswood and tulip poplar from 4/4 to 12/4 in size, with the assurance of an NHLA-certified grader.

To contact our sales team, please reach out.


Sell Your Timber

If you’re a landowner interested in selling your timber, call or email us to start the process. A qualified forester will be sent to provide expert management assistance for your woodlot, ensuring that every aspect of the process is clear and beneficial for you and your land. We will reach a fair deal and offer an upfront payment before any harvesting begins. 

We are dedicated to sustainable harvesting practices that support wildlife habitats and enhance forest health, ensuring that new growth benefit the remaining trees. 

If you’re a landowner with Red Oak, Walnut, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Cherry, or Yellow Poplar trees, we’re interested in purchasing your timber.

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To sell your timber,
please reach out.​

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