Equipment Investment in Elkhart, IN Significantly Increases Production Capacity

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Elkhart, IN New Panel Saw

Equipment Investment in Elkhart, Indiana Significantly Increases Production Capacity

NWH has significantly increased its overall remanufacturing capacity at its facility in Elkhart, Indiana with the investment of a new, state-of-the art panel saw. The new panel saw has tripled the production volume capacity at that machine center through innovative technology, improved reliability, and better automation efficiencies, all while requiring less energy. The equipment has improved job quality through minimum dust emission, higher sound absorption, and ease of operation.

At NWH, we continually strive to deliver excellence by producing high-value products, developing creative solutions, and providing the industry’s best customer experience. We are excited about the benefits the new panel saw provides for both NWH employees who work at the Elkhart facility and our customers.

Elkhart, IN New Panel Saw
Elkhart, IN New Panel Saw

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NWH, founded in 1967, has become the leading manufacturer and supplier of hardwood lumber to North America, Europe, and Asia. With an unwavering focus on simplifying the customer experience, NWH serves the furniture, flooring, cabinet, molding, and millwork industries with 14+ hardwoods species from the major U.S. growing regions as well as imported plywood and globally sourced lumber. The company operates over 40 manufacturing and warehousing facilities across the country including sawmills, concentration yards and distribution facilities using innovative technologies to streamline the procurement process for customers. NWH supplies only sustainable, high-quality hardwoods to protect our resources today and for future generations. For more information, please visit

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