Glacial Species & Grades

Hard Maple Superior Brown

Hard Maple Superior Brown is a high yielding grade, yielding a minimum of 83-1/3% clear face cuttings and 66 2/3% on the back. Hard Maple Superior Brown has a minimum cutting size of 3” x 7’ or 4” x 5’. Ideal for applications requiring long, wide clear-face cuttings or multiple rips and chops. Hard Maple Superior Brown grade allows all color variations, including heartwood and bruising, sap stain and sticker marks on either face. We grade after drying and surfacing, and against all natural drying or surfacing defects (pin knot no defect).
  • – Cabinet and entry doors
  • – Casegoods
  • – Millwork
Front 1
Back 1
Front 2
Back 2
Front 3
Back 3

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