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Alder Kitchen Cabinets by Canyon Creek
Cabinetry is a great way to add functionality and style to a space – whether a kitchen, bathroom, basement or laundry room. But, it can also be a substantial investment, so it must be built to last. That’s why hardwoods – offering a combination of versatility, durability and beauty – are a popular choice for cabinet construction. There are many wood options, colors and textures to choose from, so the decision really comes down to personal preference and overall design scheme, particularly as the wood used to make cabinetry helps determine the look and feel of the room. For example, for a classic look, try oak, which is making a comeback due to its versatility and cost-effectiveness over higher priced woods like hard maple and cherry. But, hickory and alder are also popular selections for rooms that center on rustic beauty, particularly as these woods can offer a knotty or distressed finish many woods can’t deliver.   Planning a build or remodel? Below are a few cabinetry trends to consider when designing your new space:   Trend 1: Shaker Style Characterized by a five-piece door (with a four-sided frame with recessed center panel), shaker style cabinetry provides a classic, simple design that’s here to stay, particularly as the desire for a clutter-free, minimalist space continues to grow in popularity.   Whether you’re going for a traditional, country or modern look, shaker style is easy to fit thanks to its clean and straightforward design. An added benefit? The simple look ensures your cabinetry won’t go out of style!   Trend 2: Timeless and Clean Painted cabinetry remains popular, particularly when cabinets are made with woods where seeing the wood grain isn’t important, like yellow poplar and soft maple. Gray and white tones are still preferred color choices as these neutral colors go with just about any design style. There are also translucent paints and stains, which allow for the incorporation of color while allowing the beauty of the natural wood grain to show. These “see-through” options are great for hardwood species, such as oak and alder, where the wood grain appearance is appealing.   Trend 3: Custom Design Although cost-effective, pre-fabricated cabinets aren’t the only option in the market. Semi-custom and custom cabinetry provide a certain higher-end, elegant ambience and continue to experience significant growth. That’s because improving economic conditions mean more money is being spent on builds and remodels, especially in kitchen and bathroom projects where cabinetry is often required.   The advantage to semi-custom and custom cabinetry is the ability – and freedom – to put your own mark on the final piece, directing the overall quality, woods used, door styles, finish, and more.   Trend 4: Euro Style European style is often associated with frameless construction, a design style that eliminates the face frame piece of traditional American cabinets. These “full-access” cabinets – built with a thick box for stability and full overlay doors hinged directly to the sides of cabinet box – are perfect for a clean and simple look, while also providing easy access and more storage space.   Another design trend compliments of Euro style is a flat surface style, which compares to the traditional five-piece style and rail construction. This design centers on greater use of MDF and particleboard covered by melamine, with some featuring a “wood-look” or wood veneers.   Whether a new build or remodel, cabinetry can add functional space, while helping make a statement. Northwest Hardwoods offers 14 North American hardwood species and a range of lumber grades that are ideally suited for the cabinet industry. Whether traditional or modern, painted or stained, American Hardwoods will suit any style.

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